Promotion on Facebook and Instagram.

Why You Need a Facebook & Instagram Ads Agency


Your audience is there. With nearly 2.5 billion, with a “b”, monthly active users and about 1.7 billion, again with a “b”, daily active users, everyone’s audience is there in some form or another. More importantly, those users are not on the network fleetingly. Your current and future clients and customers are on the platform for about an hour a day.

You can’t afford to ignore it or miss out on the opportunity it presents.

But you can afford it. The beautiful thing about Facebook Ads is that they are very affordable and are among the more cost-effective options for advertising available, offering the best cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) you can get.

Frankly, Facebook is the real OG (RIP Myspace) of social media and to put it bluntly, you can’t afford to not be advertising there. It’s that cut and dry.

Of course, there is a wide world of social networks out there but none are as vital as Facebook. While it is true that some are better suited to your brand than others, from a holistic advertising perspective, other platforms and networks should always be an addition to running a campaign on Facebook.

With that many eyeballs on the screen, scrolling through their feeds on a daily basis and engaging for countless hours, it’s no wonder that Facebook is the biggest source of display advertising not only in the US but the world over. Not to mention, Facebook now owns Instagram, the third most popular social media platform so your brand can be found across multiple platforms through Facebook ads.

Steps to Successful Facebook & Instagram Marketing

As a company born in the digital age and raised on social media ourselves, we not only understand the ecosystem, it’s truly part of our DNA. It’s formative to our existence. Organic reach is next to nil these days and not something a brand can survive on, that’s the hard truth. If you want to grow, you need a dedicated Facebook and Instagram ads marketing company, as well as a media buying agency.

We take Facebook Ads management (and google ads management) seriously because it can deliver big results for your brand for a comparatively small investment.

1. Goals

The wonderful thing about Facebook ads is the specificity with which you can run a campaign according to your unique goals and that level of customization really informs our approach to the creation of your campaign.

Setting your goals and targets is just as important here as anywhere else in your media mix so setting intelligent and achievable ones is key. Is your aim brand recognition? Increased sales? Leads? Conversion? Click-throughs? Traffic to your website? Engagement? That’s what we mean when we say the customization informs the approach.

A campaign runs differently based on what you need.

2. Audience Targeting

After we dig deep and have something to strive for, we can get into audience analysis and targeting. Facebook is a beast with segmentation, providing extreme precision with regard to getting your message in front of the exact people that matter most to you.

The trick is to ask the right questions to create the most ideal consumer profile, with years of experience as Facebook ad agency we know what to ask.

3. Content Creation

There’s a lot of competition for attention on a newsfeed, we understand as much as you do that people scroll fast. Because of that speed, the copy has to be on point, precise and delivered with a sense of urgency. Every split second and syllable counts and we strive to create ads that strike the balance of eye-catching and informative while still feeling true to your brand and natural to your audience’s feed.

It’s a delicate balance.

In order to get it right we A/B test a multitude of versions. Different images, captions, headlines, etc. until we find what works best.

4. Refine and Repeat

Once we’ve done all that, we analyze. Even if we met the goals, there is always room for improvement. The targeting can always be tweaked, the content can be adjusted, etc.

We also employ Facebook retargeting, a powerful tool that let allows you to direct advertising to those who have visited your site already but weren’t necessarily ready to buy. We can retarget them on Facebook and potentially help you close the deal and convert the sale.

The fact that Facebook and Instagram ads are so downright cost-effective means you don’t break the bank through this entire process.